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Our #Betsmarter system is designed to deliver winning write-up plays across all sports.

Phillies -1.5
Cardinals RedSox Over 9
Giants Pirates Under 8.5
Last 6 Free Plays: 5-1
#Phillies -1.5
#Cardinals #RedSox Over 9
#Giants #Pirates Under 8.5
Last 6 Free Plays: 5-1
Phillies -1.5
Cardinals RedSox Over 9
Giants Pirates Under 8.5
Last 6 Free Plays: 5-1

Real Returns

Not just another capper site

Our #Betsmarter system is designed to deliver winning write-up plays across all sports. Sports bettors are smart, and we believe they are doing themselves a disservice by tailing blindly. Why invest money without using your own brain first?

Why people are flocking to SRC

Knowledge is power. We not only strive to give winning picks across the board, but also to ignite the minds of you the bettor. 

Our experts in each sport break down the slate and evaluate the best games and angles
They then breakdown each pick with an extensive write-up, including all the stats and trends we see as key for determining the outcome.
These write-ups are then sent to you hours before the game so that you can evaluate each write-up and decide what you agree with, as well as become better at seeing what to look for when evaluating games

Big fans in the making

Don’t ask us, ask our twitter community. They’re killing it and happy to tell the world.

The Plays

Come join our discord and seek returns with over 200+ other happy clients. We will deliver 6-12+ plays daily consisting of the best value across all covered sports.

Proudly Boasting Huge Returns

we know every client has a different bankroll when it comes to sports betting. Wether you bet big or small, we will help you to reach significant returns.

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What is the difference between your product and other products?
The difference between our product and others is that we believe in the brains of you the bettor! While other services simply give you a line to put your money on blindly, we believe you deserve to see the reasoning before putting your hard earned money behind our picks.
How will I get this delivered?
When you sign up, you will receive a link to our discord via email. After joining the discord, you will be added to our plays page.
Is this illegal?
We do not make bets or similar on your behalf, we only provide advice and consultancy. As such nothing we do is illegal.
Is my information safe?
All information is safe and will be used soley for delivering the plays and keeping track of membership info
Who is writing the plays?
Our plays are written by different writers in each sport. This ensures that the person giving their advice is an expert in that specific sport. No one person can be a master of all sports, and at Seeking Returns we know it takes a team.
Can I get free plays?
Free Plays are posted 3-7 times a week either on our twitter, or in the blog section of our website.
Is there a referral program?
Any client that refers will receive 10% off an extending subscription. The referred person will also receive 10% off any subscription of their choice.
Why 10 plays a day?
Successful sports betting is the same as investing, meaning it is important to diversify.